66 boy and girl with fred hall

Imspartacus.co reflects the footballing views, trials and tribulations of a fifty something fan of Sunderland AFC and Durham CCC. It celebrates the rich history and tradition of the famous Wearside club and also English cricket’s newest County side. I also have thoughts on other sporting themes so I’ll bring some thoughts and opinions on that as well.

“Why Spartacus?” you may ask. Put simply; he never gave up. He fought for what he believed in. 

The main posts for this blogging site are on “Sporting Stories” which takes a look not only at what is going on at the minute football and mainly Sunderland AFC wise but also articles and images linked to the main headings, including “Sporting Art”. I’ll also be looking at the trials and tribulations of Durham CCC and the wider world of cricket as the 2014 season unfolds.

E-mail info@imspartacus.co or fill in the form below if there is anything pressing that you’d like to bring to my attention.

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